Let’s take a look at the top agency projects in Chicago across advertising, web design, and branding.

Written by Chase Thomas

Chicago has been home to many successful agency projects, spanning diverse fields such as advertising, web design, and branding. One such noteworthy project is the “Show Your Love” campaign, which was initiated by the University of North Carolina (UNC). Recognizing the importance of engaging younger audiences and spreading awareness about their cause, UNC enlisted the expertise of ArtVersion Interactive, a renowned creative agency based in Chicago, to bring visual appeal and enhanced user experience to the campaign website.

Show Your Love

ArtVersion Interactive rose to the challenge, crafting a visually stunning and highly interactive website that not only captured the essence of the “Show Your Love” campaign but also appealed to its target audience. The website’s user-friendly design made it easy for visitors to join the movement, share their stories, and participate in various campaign-related activities, effectively amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

This collaboration between UNC and ArtVersion Interactive serves as a prime example of how Chicago-based agencies are leveraging their creativity, technical skills, and industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results for clients across different sectors. From advertising campaigns that capture consumers’ attention to web designs that provide engaging user experiences and branding projects that leave a lasting impression, the Windy City continues to be a thriving hub for innovative and groundbreaking agency projects.

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