ArtVersion Featured in Forbes’ Latest Publication: UX Design in Product Development

UX design has extended itself far beyond website design. UX design can be found in diverse platforms and unique products. From apps to high-tech devices and everyday products, UX design has become the standard for businesses. Simply creating a product without fully understanding your audience is no longer a viable way to innovate and bring products to life. 

In a most recent article, Forbes contributor Serenity Gibbons shared her insights on why UX design is essential to exert digital products with verve and dynamism. In her piece, Serenity shared the core fundamental components of UX design and how it can reshape thinking when it comes to digital products.

Gibbons’ article included insights from ArtVersion’s Goran Paun. “The pathway to an effective user experience for your business begins by taking a comprehensive look at your business strategy.”  Paun shares that a comprehensive analysis of your company’s business strategy can help understand if implementing certain UX methodologies are ideal for a business’s particular growth. Paun shares, “Determining which conversion and user experience strategies will work for a specific business can be daunting, but analysis is your ally.

UX design and all of its overarching principles can elevate any product and company and fully understanding your audience with empathy, data, and a readiness to think like a UX designer can make all the difference. 

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