Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained new traction toward technological advancements, piquing the interest of many business leaders and innovators globally. Although AI is at the center of every conversation surrounding technology, many grey areas exist regarding AI and best practices.

In this month’s editorial for Fast Company, ArtVersion uncovered the underlining similarities regarding best practices for AI—specifically for AI developers’ websites. UI/UX design has a core foundation for methodologies AI innovators can apply to their websites for the ultimate user experience.

The team shared the impact of including microinteractions for clarity to streamline user pathways, keeping a human-centric design, remaining purposeful regarding messaging and tonality, and so much more. The article also offers the perspective about the ways in which users will always seek out any features and functionalities that are redolent to familiarity, emphasizing that well-known best practices can help users attain a better understanding of AI and how it functions.

“For many, because AI is in a fresh re-emergence, there is still plenty to clarify that the average user may not fully understand. It’s pivotal for AI websites and tools to communicate functions, details, and instructions to all users. To assume your users will automatically know how to use certain AI tools and mechanisms is unrealistic. Thus, much like the UI/UX design push for usability and clarity, it is key for AI sites to also attain that same level of importance.”

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Person on a three screen monitor utilizing UI/UX and AI.

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