Collaborating with diverse organizations allows opportunities to share the impact that different non-profit foundations are making around the world. In their most recent project undertaking, the ArtVersion team collaborated with The Virginia A. Groot Foundation for a website redesign to recapture the foundation’s story. 

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1988 by Candice B. Groot with one firm belief behind it: to change the lives of sculptural artists’ by providing grants that help further their creative development. 

The main objective of this collaboration was to create a responsive website that attained a dynamic structure. The newly established look and feel creates an aesthetic that is redolent to a museum or art gallery. This was achieved by interspersing high resolution imagery of sculpture pieces—all from Candice B. Groot’s personal art collection. 

The team expanded upon the Groot story by incorporating inner pages, and interactive features, for curious on-lookers to uncover the foundation’s legacy, and for interested artists to become inspired. 

“My goal is to push forward the legacy of Candice B. Groot, the founder of the Groot Foundation, encouraging sculptors to further develop their voice and work,” says Penelope Groot West, Secretary/Co-Treasurer. 

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation’s website refresh was pushed live right at the precipice of their annual submission opening for 2023. 

Visit the website here

About The Virgina A. Groot Foundation

The Virginia A. Groot Foundation is an international non-profit organization that aims to provide emerging and established sculpture artists with the freedom to express their artistry. The foundation annually awards ceramic and sculpture artists with grants so they can continue to create without the restriction of expenses. 

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