The 2019 Vega Digital Awards Celebrate Its Winners

NEW YORK, February 10, 2020 /PR Newswire/ – International Awards Associate (IAA) has announced the winners of the 2019 Vega Digital Awards. Over 1,550 entries were received from 35 countries throughout the world.

The Vega Digital Awards is an international competition crafted to celebrate and honor leading professionals in the creative fields of digital media. “It is a great joy to see these talented individuals receive accolades for the work they had put forth,” Kenjo Ong, the CEO of IAA remarked. “Certainly, there is no end to innovation and talent in the minds of people.”

The competitors are juried by IAA’s select panel of industry-leading creative giants, under comprehensive and strict standards. IAA oversees awards and recognition programs, assembles judging panels, and sets rigorous standards for both competitions.

Grand Jury Panel
For 2019, IAA had gathered 33 renowned and experienced individuals worldwide to serve as its panel of juries. These judges are longstanding professionals in their respective fields, and hail from brands such as KOENIGSFILM, United Nations Children’s Fund, Responsive Spaces, BEAMY, Creplus Design, Barrett and Welsh, Studio Black Tomato, E&T Films, for starters.

Entries undergo valuations based on strict industry standards, alongside blind judging by panelists, who weighed the entries’ creativity and design concepts. Winners then emerge from the pool of international submissions.

The competition included entries from countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Turkey, China, Philippines, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, India, South Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, and many, many more.

International Brands Represented
Familiar brands worldwide were represented among the entries. Some of the brands represented include Deep Silver, BMW Group, Pokémon, Prada, Cartier, Tommy Hilfiger, Monotype, Pan Pacific Hotel Group, Levi’s, Hilton, and many more.

“IAA is proud to be a waypoint for the diverse group of talents worldwide, as we find ourselves a wider audience with each passing year,” Ong noted. “With the scrutiny imposed during the judging process, we can be assured that those who emerge victorious deserve it.”

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ABOUT International Awards Associate (IAA):

International Awards Associate (IAA), established in 2012, is a group of industry innovators, creators, designers and communications professionals deeply committed to moving the industry forward through discovery and recognition of new and existing talent. IAA is composed of award-winning communications professionals who are dedicated to searching out exceptionally creative “starts” and giving them the recognition they deserve. IAA also stands for “Inspire, Advance, Achieve.” IAA’s mission is to honor, promote and encourage creativity by establishing new standards of excellence for evaluating all aspects of media design, production and distribution. IAA’s goal is to provide affordable, independent competitions on an international stage that are respected as fair and open to all, regardless of company size or bottom line. IAA believes that recognition of creative professionals plays a crucial role in the growth of communities and the economy as a whole. IAA’s six awards programs consider over 15,000 entries from 50+ countries, evaluated by over 130 international judges. These awards programs include the Muse Creative Awards, Muse Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, and the NYX Awards.


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