ArtVersion recognized as global leader in B2B services by Clutch

Thanks to years of industry-leading branding, user experience (UX) design and web strategy expertise, ArtVersion has been recognized as a leader in those categories by global B2B platform

In its latest 2020 seasonal report, Clutch recognized ArtVersion amongst the highest-performing companies in user experience (UX) design strategy and corporate branding. ArtVersion placed in the top 15 for both categories in comparison to almost 2,500 companies that were factored into the report.

ArtVersion recognized as global leader in user experience (UX) design and corporate branding

Companies listed in Clutch’s report distinguish themselves as leaders in user experience (UX) design strategy and corporate branding through organized project management practices, attentive customer service, and diverse end-to-end capabilities. Customer feedback also looms large in the evaluation of company rankings. Regularly working with notable Fortune 500 brands and start-ups, ArtVersion was also featured by Clutch separately as the top design agency in Illinois amongst over 1,500 total companies evaluated.

Based in Washington D.C., Clutch ranks and maps top B2B companies in specific markets, verifying their trustworthiness to help identify the most favorable service providers. ArtVersion is also featured highly on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, which uncovers answers to business questions by surveying business decision-makers and consumers. The Manifest’s platform also helps identify right-fit business services for brands in their big project endeavors.

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