For businesses and brands, a strong online presence and innovative design is at the top of the list when it comes down to user resonance. When companies can attract their audience in the digital sphere, a design is considered a success. Yet, in order for a web interface or mobile application to truly be deemed successful, it must be all inclusive and accessible, after all, a design should be an experience for everyone to enjoy when all users are properly and equally accounted for. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, or ADA compliance, has taken the initiative to verify that a website is accessible to those with disabilities, and many digital design experts, ArtVersion included, have prioritized their efforts to ensure a digital design doesn’t leave anyone behind. 

In the most recent article for Entrepreneur, ArtVersion shared their insights on the importance of inclusive design that is usable and accessible for a broad, diverse audience. Delving into its importance, and how inclusivity can be achieved, the team highlighted elevating experiences for everyone.

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Importance of Inclusive and Accessible Design

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About ArtVersion

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