It is no question that the online world of e-commerce has revolutionized the way consumers shop. Whether subscription based or a one-time purchase, online shopping has become a staple in the market due to convenience, ease, and accessibility. However, along the way, this virtual mode has lost an essential component within its structure: human connection.

Many companies have begun to recapture the human spark that has slowly dwindled with a new marketing and design strategy known as experiential e-commerce. This rendition of e-commerce leverages placing the user at the center of the experience with strategies that focus on the human perspective and reinventing innovation. From new incentives in social media to personalized products and services, experiential e-commerce has reconceptualized the online world.

As a new contributor to Entrepreneur’s Leadership Network, ArtVersion shared their knowledge on this new marketing trend that many brands will continue to unequivocally utilize for years to come. 

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