FastCompany Shares ArtVersion’s Best Practices for Marketing Campaigns

Modern-day consumers have become keen on marketing campaigns that are evocative of relatability and stimulate an emotional impact. Connecting with one’s target audience socially and emotionally is not necessarily a new marketing technique, yet with social media as a dominant tool to drive a brand’s campaign, empathizing with audiences to advance a brand’s ethos and drive conversions, has become a fundamental method for marketing.

Relatability to consumers alludes to the perception that a brand is trustworthy, amicable, and consumer-driven. Yet, for a brand campaign to truly catch the attention of its audience, relatability must be folded into a campaign that is creative, innovative, and fresh to truly propel further interest. 

As part of the Fast Company Executive Board, ArtVersion was prompted to share their best practices when implementing emotion and creativity for brand promotions to draw in an audience and retain their interest. Goran Paun highlighted the importance of aligning visuals and messaging with a brand promise to further drive engagement and consistently impress audiences. 

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Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion
Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

“Emotions are reflections of how humans see the brand’s message and how they interpret the intention of the campaign. Therefore, keeping the campaign design visuals and messaging on point and accurate to the brand’s promise ensures a long-term impression, user engagement, and consumer loyalty.”

 – Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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