By Forbes Contributing Author; Goran Paun – Founder, Art Version Company

User experience (UX) is the focal point driving successful web design. Whether it be visual, contextual, technical or analytical, every aspect of the design relates back to user experience. A website can only be truly successful when users are able to see the value of what is being presented to them. For this reason, understanding the needs of the user is essential in UX design.

User experience (UX) is the focal point driving successful web design

A detailed understanding of potential users emanates from an acute awareness of best practices not only in visual web design but in web accessibility. Visual design alone is not enough to ensure a superior user experience. Accessibility considers the needs of all users, regardless of capability, technology or culture. Consequently, it ensures inclusivity for a broader spectrum of users.

The challenge for designers then is how to design for accessibility. In order to understand the various needs of users, the designer must examine every aspect of the design and consider its function for the user. This requires taking a different perspective and viewing each piece of the design as the user would see them.

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