ArtVersion® received three MUSE Creative Awards for “Branding,” “Business-to-Business” and “User Experience” categories alongside New Orleans-based commercial printer and direct mail company MediaBlink™

A recent spotlight from Muse.World featured ArtVersion’s Executive Director of Design Erin Lentz, who was interviewed by the international awards publication about the creative agency’s collaboration with New Orleans-based commercial printer and direct mail company MediaBlink™. The interview follows ArtVersion’s recognition for three honors from the prestigious MUSE Creative Awards related to “Branding,” “Business-to-Business” and “User Experience” categories.

“For both brands and creative businesses, it’s important to be nimble and adaptive in your creative approach. Over the years, our strategy has shifted as the demand for digital capabilities and web design became more prominent. We’re prepared to acclimate to the marketplace in order to remain innovative about our services and adapt to whatever that next generational shift will be,” says Lentz.

The project consisted of an integrated re-brand for MediaBlink™ including naming strategy, web domain acquisition and social media marketing, amongst other focuses. The awards further showcase ArtVersion’s acclaimed user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, web design & web development expertise on a global scale.

Erin Lentz
Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion

The MUSE Creative Awards is an International Awards Associate (IAA) competition for creative professionals who inspire others with concept, writing or design. Established in 2012, IAA’s mission is to honor, promote and encourage creativity by establishing new standards of excellence for evaluating all aspects of media design, production and distribution. IAA’s other awards programs include the MUSE Design Awards, MUSE Hotel Awards, VEGA Digital Awards, and the NYX Awards.

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ABOUT ArtVersion

ArtVersion® ( is a creative agency headquartered in Chicago, IL, globally acclaimed for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. With over twenty years of leading expertise in graphic design, branding and web development, ArtVersion works with clients worldwide to craft dynamic strategies, visuals and messaging that delivers powerful user experiences. ArtVersion’s services range from conceptualization, design & layout, and content strategies relevant to digital web and print delivery methods. ArtVersion also boasts a best-in-class user experience lab to help clients reimagine their brand and push creative boundaries.