Tips and Best Practices for Creating Innovative UX Design

Ask most, if not all UI/UX designers, and they will preach the importance of innovation to elevate user experiences. The word innovation is all encompassing to the integrity of a design’s purpose and its mission to create an optimal interface for users to resonate with. How then, can it be achieved?

In an article recently published by Entrepreneur, ArtVersion shared 5 tips that can aid in creating a memorable UX design. As a contributor to the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, the article highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary strategies, building upon a brand identity, inclusivity, and more. 

UX design can be developed within a myriad of possibilities to uphold an interface’s structure. Yet keeping up to date with changing trends in a fast-paced technological world, one thing that always rings true is the evolution of innovation in UX design is unstoppable.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion is an award-winning design consultancy from Chicago with clients around the world. Serving brands since 1999, the ArtVersion team consists of visual designers, branding strategists and developers. Most known for pioneering user experience design as a discipline, ArtVersion has been a trusted partner for a number of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and notable startups.