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Digital Authenticity: Building the Ideal Brand Voice Through Web Design

Brand culture embodies the core value of what a company offers and what they stand behind – so it’s critical that the digital persona reflect this accurately. One of the most powerful branding tools to express this point of view is through web design. It’s these channels that drive us to connect with a brand – if we choose to engage, and ultimately make a conversion. Trust reigns supreme in the digital environment – and at the end of the day, it all depends on the users view of the brand. For web designers, content strategists and marketers, this presents a true challenge: How can we ensure an authentic user experience unless we are completely immersed in the brand being represented? What truly makes an organization stand out is when their brand is relatable. Once that style permeates into a company’s design process, it connects the brand to a unique…

8 months, 6 days ago

5 Reasons to Implement WordPress for Enterprise

Because of size and reach, enterprise businesses must be equipped with a scalable and secure web presence to compete in their markets. As a result, new enterprise WordPress VIP and plugins are being developed to provide a more robust system and streamline processes for brands of all shapes and sizes. If you’re already an alternate free theme or third party theme for your WordPress site or another platform altogether, here’s are some strong reasons to invest in WordPress for enterprise. Digital Content Management Infrastructure Developing a custom theme will make it easier to build and manage your website. With a central content hub or decoupled CMS, you can customize the admin user interface to your company’s needs, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to do or having to deal with an unintuitive setup. You can add shortcuts, tools such as Edit Flow and apps like…

9 months, 1 day ago

Key Principles of Creating an Immersive Web Design

It’s now more important than ever to deliver an online experience that authentically delivers the perspective of the brand it represents. Leveraging a combination of visual, contextual, graphic and textual elements – a brand has the ability to make stronger connections. From initial perceptions to emotions and behavioral responses – the more connective the experience is, the deeper the loyalty between brand and user will be. By approaching a strategy inclusive of immersive web design  – users are greeted with new developments in interactivity, design technique and integrated engagement. These implementations create an experience that is both memorable, useful and provides an ease of use to the user. Immersive web experiences are truly the next level of engagement, creating an environment that is seamless and entertaining to the user, but is actually quite complex. Though immersion can be any number of implementations inclusive of animation, transitions, webgraphics or micro-interactions – one of the…

1 year, 6 months ago

How to Get Set Up for Usability, UI and UX Testing

Many marketing managers know that they want to improve their website’s usability, UI, and UX, but don’t quite know how to approach such a project. They often don’t know where to start or what to pay attention. To make any kind of design testing worthwhile, you have to break it down into simple steps and stay focused on what you want to achieve. The first step to getting set up for any kind of testing is to first observe what’s happening on your website. You can do this with the usage of click heat map software tools, analytics, and general statistics. Most of these software tools are cheap, fairly easy to set up and understand. They will give you a good idea of how users are interacting with your website on multiple levels. After a few days of collecting this information, you need to think about your primary goal and…

2 years, 7 months ago

5 Tips for Improving Your App’s UX Design

Just because your app has a great design doesn’t necessarily mean that your users will be ecstatic about using it. App UX design is just as important as the visual presentation of the app. Without optimizing for user experience, you’ll frustrate your users with redundant tasks, unintuitive user interaction, or useless functionalities. Here are some great tips for improving your app UX design. Tip #1: Optimize functionalities and make it clear what users should do As an example, if there is a functionality to pull out a tab to access a navigation menu, it should work without any issues. It should not be too sensitive where a single tap pulls it out all the way nor too tough to the point where users need to really work on it to bring it out. It’s also important that you clearly explain to users what they need to do to take some…

2 years, 7 months ago

From UI/UX to Usability

Here are some simple fixes that you can apply to your site today. User Experience (UX Design) 1. Test for simplicity and proper functionality. Does your shopping cart correctly adjust to users adding or removing items? Do actions on your site provide a clear solution and are they instantly rewarding to users? Are there any browsing activities that are redundant? Use and test your site extensively to find any elements that might take away from the browsing experience. 2. Make sure your content is properly formatted. There is a world of a difference between a piece content that’s formatted properly and one that’s not. It’s not just about using line breaks between paragraphs and making sure proper punctuation is used. It’s about making an impact with the content by breaking up apart so that the lead gets proper attention, important parts of the content are highlighted, sub-topics are broken up…

3 years, 20 days ago

How Web Design Affects Marketing Initiatives

Are you planning on launching a marketing initiative soon? While you may have worked on all the aspects of the campaign from the audience targeting, copy, to the brand, but you may not have put enough work into the actual design. This is a common mistake that is made in many companies due to the desire to minimize spending on other aspects of a campaign that isn’t marketing. Design in marketing is important for several reasons as it impacts marketing in many ways. For example, web design can have a strong influence on conversions. Everything from improving user interface and user experience, by changing the layout, rearranging the action points, and presenting visuals in a unique way can produce small lifts in conversions. Sometimes, testing designs may only result in a small increase in conversions. But when you experiment with multiple elements and figure out what other elements improve conversions….

3 years, 1 month ago

User Experience – Should You Even Care?

User experience is a pretty hot topic in the design industry but is it really for everyone? There are a large number of sites that are designed simply for conversion. They ignore UX design altogether because it takes away from the capital they’re going to use for their advertising and marketing campaigns. After all, if the conversion focused designs are working, why change the focus to UX? There are several reasons why UX matters ever if it doesn’t seem to matter for you right now. 1. It helps establish a brand. Brands know that the better experience their audience gets, the larger their brand equity gets. After a certain point, you have to think at a bigger level to get your business ahead and branding is one of the best ways to do it. Branding through imagery alone lacks substance. Projecting the right message and imagery will get you started…

3 years, 3 months ago

How to Improve Common User Interface Elements for Better Usability

When it comes to UI design, most designers accept most user interface elements as they are. But improving these simple looking elements can lead to a big difference in your site’s web usability. One critical thing to remember is that users use the web by scanning and often miss out on what you may think are obvious website elements. Here are some common user interface you can improve to make sure your users get it right the first time around. 1. Collapsible and Expandable Content Collapsible and expandable content are very useful for many websites and especially so for mobile websites. They’re great for providing content in a way that doesn’t detract from the main content or the website’s visual presentation. Many websites use collapsible/expandable content but never clearly indicate that the user can interact with it. By clearly labeling the button to expand/collapse, you can make sure that your…

3 years, 6 months ago

Why Improve Visual Design to Improve Web Usability?

When a conversation about web usability comes up, it’s usually about making changes to elements that relate to task based interactions. The reality is that the visual presentation has a huge role in how users interact with a website. This may not seem evident because you are not really “using” how something looks. However, visual design has a big influence on the interactive elements of a website. A concept that will help you understand the Importance of web design is the idea of a visual path. When a user is presented with a website, they are given some sort of path on how to interact with a website. For example, a big headline and a link would indicate that they should pay attention to that area and possibly follow through. For this reason, you want to purposely create a design that presents a clear and obvious path for the user…

3 years, 7 months ago