User Interface Design

It’s all about aesthetics, simplicity, design, elegance…usability matters…

User Interface Design

In the web or app development, interaction with the user interface design should always be natural, and the navigational elements and call-for-action should make sense immediately. Branding elements such as colors, shapes and fonts should be consistent throughout. This not only strengthens the brand identity but gives the user a clear idea of what they can interact with.

User Interface Design Process

The process of user interface design can be quite challenging. Many developers start the project with the best of intentions only to come up with an interface that doesn’t seem to deliver on the original idea or purpose. There are also cases where the interface design meets visual expectations but ends up falling short when tested by users. If either of these scenarios describes your position, then it’s time to get a fresh pair of eyes by bringing in outside help to revamp your design.

Designing a Great User Interface

At Artversion, we know how much work is involved when it comes to designing a great user interface. We always start by studying the target user and the goal of the app before anything else. We then start by coming up with ideas on how to deliver a great user experience and meet the goal of the app. The ideas are translated into a framework where it is organized into an information architecture built to provide a fluid, relevant and intuitive experience.

The next step is to deliver a great user experience. The goal is to make the app organized, engaging, clean, quick and understandable. We want the user to have full use of the app without any constraints. And there is no assumption that the design delivered the great user experience we originally sought out.

Visual Design and UI Framework

Finally, we get to the actual visual design that goes on top of the UI framework. The focus is on the actual presentation such as the graphic overlay, fonts, colors, web buttons and other widgets. We also focus on the uniqueness of the product and help you integrate your ideal brand interaction into the app.

As you can see, user interface design is not just about making your idea fit into a box. There is an immense amount of work that goes into providing a great user experience and great interface design. It is a dynamic process where you have to constantly use your test results and feedback to change the design and structure of the UI. That‘s why most of our clients come to us in the early stages of their app development.

It’s important to understand that user interface design is a critical component in the success of your app. Even if the idea of the app is great, you have to get users to actually use it and continue using it. A successful app is a combination of a great idea, great UX and a great UI. So don’t let your user interface get in the way of launching a successful app and don’t waste your time taking on this challenging project yourself.

The framework goes through rigorous usability testing and feedback until we feel it provides a sublime UX.

Information Architecture

Content strategy evolves into a cohesive Information Architecture strategy. It’s a thoughtfully designed framework by which the user will journey from one content experience to the next, while experiencing the clearest sense of the brand’s message.

Brand Interaction

All aspects of audience interaction with a brand, its services, products, image, voice, and interactive engagement style, make up what’s identified as “the User Experience.”

The User Experience

The website, email campaign, landing page, and all integrated media must meet the needs of the audience in a compelling manner.

Usability Testing

How do real people use the digital media interface? User interface is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal in the creation of an effective and compelling user experience. The interface is simply the most direct and visible method through which our audience interacts with our brand.

User Interface Design

UI is the front line of media engagement. UX is the “experience” of that interactive environment.

UX and UI…understanding the difference…

“User Experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. User experience needs to meet the exact needs of the customer, clearly and directly. Next comes the simplicity and elegance of a custom design that produces a meaningful and engaging experience. Everything in design comes together here – engineering, marketing, graphic and industrial design, and interface design.

The Design Review

Design reviews cover websites, Internet services and applications, software designs, email marketing items, and social media campaigns.

UX/UI…not just development buzz words…

These terms are much more than just tech development buzz words… they stand for the essence of great design: inspired form, thoughtful function, clarity, and intuitive usability.

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Over the last decade, we worked on the user interface design for variety of projects, from network appliances to financial software portals, and user-centric SaaS websites. We have provided our expertise and services to startup organizations all the way to well established major corporations.

Do not hesitate to drop us a line! If you would either like us to help with a current project you are developing on your own, by reviewing your current user interface state, or if you need help designing your software’s user interface, from scratch, we are here to help.

Having well designed user interface will provide the best user experience for your end-user.