Welcome back brand builders. Read these 5 corporate web design trends before you listen to this weeks Rediscover Your Brand™ Podcast with your host Kip Russell.

Here 5 trends to look out for in 2012:

  1. Responsive Web Design: This is probably the most important aspect to consider in your new corporate website in 2012.  Responsive web design is key because mobile internet browsing is taking over. A website designed with responsive web design will automatically adjust to the screen you are browsing with whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. This allows a company to build one website that works well on any screen thus eliminating the need to create a separate mobile experience by creating a separate mobile site for phones and tablets. This usually allows for the best overall experience for your end-user.
  2. Social Media Integration: While Facebook and Twitter remain king in terms of social media integration for websites there are always new platforms competing for that space such as Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and path. Making sure your sites are sticky and easy to share is vital in 2012.
  3. Progressive Enhancement: With the rise of mobile and the dominance of WebKit-powered Smartphone’s over traditional desktop web browsing is convincing even die-hard skeptics to embrace progressive enhancement, HTML5, CSS3, and other tenets and aspects of standards-based design”. He adds that IE now more fully supporting standards should further bolster this “rush to embrace the shiny new”.
  4. Using less photo’s & more simpler branded photo’s and graphics:
  5. Flash is the past: Flash-based websites are a thing of the past. Because of the rise in mobile and I think in general of the sloppiness and lack of SEO flash will soon become less relevant for businesses creating new branded websites in 2012 and beyond. Flash was interesting in the early 2000s when the people weren’t so dependent on the internet. Because flash takes time to load, doesn’t help SEO, and doesn’t work well with mobile browsing you’ll see less and less corporate websites creating using flash if they do it will be in limited amounts.

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