33 – Email Marketing


Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast. I’m your host Mike McCormick and today we are going to discuss email marketing. We will cover the ins and outs of email marketing, how it will help your organization, and a couple of things in between.

To get started most of us already know what email marketing is, but for those of you who don’t, I am going to give you a quick explanation. Basically, email marketing is the way of creating a message to advertise to a mass amount of individuals in a cost effective way through email. It’s pretty simple, just interacting with your target audience through email.

Now usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about email marketing is junk! most of thinking it is just junk and spam in our inboxes and we want nothing to do with it, so why would we want to utilize it. Well, it can actually be an amazing way to pull your target audience in for any campaign you are running, if planned and executed right.

Throughout all the right ways of planning and executing email marketing platforms, there are the same amount of wrong paths you can choose to follow. So let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of email marketing.

The biggest thing you want your target audience to steer clear of is thinking your emails are junk and spam. Most of these thoughts come from overwhelming your target audience with too many emails. It is great that you are pushing to get your message across, but the more you send the less people will want to interact with your organizations’ campaigns. But on the other hand not having enough emails will keep your audience unaware, which is never a good thing. Right now we are working with a client who would like to boost their sales but hasn’t attempted email marketing, which has led us to create some awesome email marketing ideas for them. Pretty much you just need to find that perfect medium that keeps your audience aware and involved without overwhelming them.

To create an exceptional email marketing platform you must have a combination of stellar design mixed with solid message content. Stellar designs draw people in, having a design that is appeal and can communicate your message is key. Everyone wants to be amazed so why bother boring them with unattractive messages.

Now your platform needs solid message content. Your email marketing platform may be very attractive, however, if your audience can not distinguish your message, within the first couple of seconds of viewing the email, your platform is not going to work. When designing and creating email marketing messages remember to make it attractive enough that it is appealing as well as simple enough that everyone will understand. Try testing your messages on co-workers, family, and friends to see if it works.

Email marketing can work for any size organization, you need to take the challenge of trial and error to find that perfect fit for your organization and target audience.

That’s if for episode number 33 of Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast, I’m your host Mike McCormick and this has been brought to you by ArtVersion Interactive agency, you may contact us on Facebook at Facebook/artversion, on Twitter at twitter.com/artversion or at artversion.com. Thanks for listening.