Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick! Last week we had a pretty awesome conversation about annual reports and how your organization can design a stellar report, which will even amaze your competitors. Now we have drifted away from talking about the internet for a while, but it is such a huge topic and has so many different elements and aspects to it, that I decided it is something that we just cannot forget out, even if we move on to other topics for a while. So today I am going to bring our focus back to the internet and talk about a pretty interesting topic. We are going to discuss Microsites. Microsites are pretty awesome, and I am going to talk about them because they are more than just an exceptional way to expand your brand. For today’s discussion, we are going to cover what Microsites, why you should use them, and the benefits of using Microsites.

To start let’s go over a brief description and overview of what Microsites are. Microsites are smaller websites designed to be their own entity from their main website. Microsites are allowed to have their own domain name but must always lead back to your main site. It is a pretty simple concept to understand they are mostly used to promote campaigns, programs, and products, to expand your organization’s brand.

Before I get into the why you should use Microsites and the benefits of them, these two topics go hand-in-hand so I will be covering them together, I would like to briefly discuss why you should be thinking about using Microsites, instead of just landing pages. Landing pages are easy to make and maintain because they are just additional pages to your website which is nice for just brief descriptions of products and events. When it comes to Microsites over landing pages, Microsites are more appropriate to use because first they are built so your audience will focus all their attention on the particular item you are pushing to promote. This is an exceptional to keep audience attention because the sites are built around one solid topic of your brand and not your entire brand, where on your website your audience comes to learn about the brand as a whole and may not focus all their attention on one item. Secondly, Microsites allow you to provide much more content about this item of your brand that would not be able to do on a landing page. Adding more content on a particular item, of your brand, will ensure users to stay on the site longer and most likely link back to your main site to learn about the other aspects of your brand. Microsites provide more flexibility than just landing pages.

Now let’s talk about why you should Microsites and this will tie in with all the benefits you will receive from using them. I am adding the benefits into the reason why you should so these Microsites because every reason why you should use them is actually an added benefit for your organization, they are that AWESOME!

First of all, Microsites are a great way to expand your brand! When I talk about expanding your brand, I do not mean change or image or who are. I am talking about your sub-brands that make up your brand has a whole. Bring those sub-brands out by giving them their own space. Many may not see promoting your larger brand as smaller brands as a good thing, but actually, it is a huge benefit because it will help boost your sales on those products you want to run larger campaigns on.  So they allow you to extend the image of a particular item you are selling and would like to promote more.

Microsites are also good for SEO purposes. Now there are a lot of rumors out there saying that these extra sites do not help your SEO and that you need to do even more work for the SEO then, which is actually not true at all. Microsites will always link back to your main site, which will help bring in more traffic boosting your SEO in an organic method. They will also boost your SEO for having similar content on these sites as you would on your main site. Now I say similar because you should never have exactly the same content and that is how it would not help your SEO at all and you would be penalized for it, but if the content is similar than your SEO will get boosted for your main site for talking about related topics.

Microsites provide an array of benefits that I could talk about all day but I really want you to expand your horizons and find them for yourself.

That’s it for Episodes 39 of the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick and this has been brought to you by ArtVersion Interactive Agency. You may contact us on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or just at Thanks for Listening!