ArtVersion Shares Their Insights On How The Industry Can Better Support Women

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The COVID-19 pandemic had an almost immediate and widespread impact on people across all levels of our society. As a result, the U.S. has since witnessed a decline in its labor force, particularly with women.

The drastic exodus of women from the labor force was termed the “she-cession” by many in the industry. Those that remained were often left in a virtually impossible situation where they had to hold a full-time job while also taking care of their families around the clock.

In a recent article published by Ad Age, the women in the Amp Community shared their stories about the challenges they faced, their strategies for getting through them, and how the industry can make changes to better support women. Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion, talks about her experience and how she felt supported throughout the pandemic, exemplifying how companies can adapt to changing situations and circumstances.

Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

“Our agency has always been completely understanding and accommodating to the things that come up—and because working from home has caused everyday life to blend with work, disruptions happen more often. But it’s never an issue, and our team never has to worry about something like that affecting their salary or standing at the company.”

Katie Re, Brand Strategist at ArtVersion

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