Agency Spotter Names ArtVersion a Leading Marketing Agency

UI/UX design is more than what meets the eye. With its multitude of layers and disciplines, UI/UX design is composed of various practices that intersect with its visual design, notably branding and marketing. ArtVersion, pioneers in user experience, are also well versed in branding and marketing initiatives and was named a top 30 marketing agency in Chicago by Agency Spotter. The team was listed for its high-standing ranking in customer reviews, data, and expert input for industries that focus on web, mobile, e-commerce, and more.

Out of the 30 other agencies nominated, ArtVersion landed in the top spot in 7th. With branding and marketing efforts, optimized marketing collateral and responsive web design are essential parts of strengthening brand identity and creating audience recognizability. The team was also praised for their craft in creating brand-specific user personas, user journeys, pathway development, and brand analyses—all highly crucial for brand development. Earlier this year, the team was previously listed as the top 100 branding agencies and the recognized continuation of their efforts was yet another highly regarded achievement for the team.

With UI/UX design as the core of ArtVersion’s strategies and innovation, the recognition from Agency Spotter as a leading marketing agency is a testament to how highly versatile user experience design can be.

Agency Spotter badge: Top Marketing Agencies 2022

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion® is a creative agency based in Chicago, IL, widely acclaimed for its work in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. With over twenty years of leading expertise in graphic design, branding, and web design and development, ArtVersion works with clients worldwide to craft dynamic strategies, visuals, and messaging that deliver powerful user experiences. ArtVersion’s services range from conceptualization, design & layout, and content strategies relevant to digital web and print delivery methods.

About Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter, which launched in 2013, aims to organize the world of marketing services, reinventing how brands find and work with creative agencies, design firms and marketing service providers. Agency Spotter’s team ranks the top agencies and design firms across different service areas on a regular basis, based on factors including verified client reviews, a solid background, and a competitive portfolio of branding projects. Agency Spotter’s digital platform makes it easy for agencies and brands to find one another and work smarter together.