ArtVersion and Legat Website Refresh Featured on Fast Company

It was a website refresh that garnered the attention of different design competitions, ranking in over 17 awards. The purpose of the website and brand ecosystem refresh was a meticulous reinvention that offered dimension and modernization. This feat was the collaboration between ArtVersion and renowned architecture firm, Legat Architects.

To commemorate the achievement of this project, Fast Company featured ArtVersion and Legat in a narrative interview that delved into the extensive website overhaul. The feature also explored how the website resulted in a purpose-driven and human-centric user experience that helped position Legat as a leading architecture firm. Both teams were able to share their insight into the collaboration, and how two creative firms in different realms of the design world came together.

Web design examples on multiple devices, showcasing ArtVersion Web Design Agency work.

Within the piece, Legat’s director of business development and marketing, Jody Boyce states, “We were looking to develop a contemporary website that prioritized usability, accessibility, and an enhanced user experience.” She continues, “So we approached the leadership team with the idea of working with an agency to revamp the website.”

ArtVersion was the perfect fit to take on the website refresh—offering a new perspective on different areas of the website that could be elevated while aligning Legat’s refreshed brand design language with iterative cycles and optimized backend functionality. As ArtVersion’s Erin Lentz stated, “The web development process itself overhauled the website’s backend functionality and offered in-depth categorization that greatly involved highlighting Legat’s portfolio in an engaging and organized way.”

Unique website design examples on multiple devices designed by ArtVersion Web Design Agency team.

Yet to fully ensure that their brand identity was cohesive, ArtVersion also helped refresh their brand with a renewed logo, brand guidelines, design language, and much more. This helped ensure that there was consistency as a whole outside of the website as well.

To read the full story and discover more about how ArtVersion and Legat were able to successfully create a brand new, award-winning website, you can find the full article below.

Full Story: Building a Winning Website Anchored in Purpose-Driven, Human-Centered Design