ArtVersion Becomes 2x Nominee in ODA Award Ceremony

On March 7, 2024, Online Design Awards (ODA) kicked off their first annual design award ceremony for submissions from 2023. ArtVersion was a 2x nominee for their brand and web design for Legat Architects.

David Perez, ODA’s Founder stated, “ODA was founded on the principals of creating accessibility, credibility, and opportunity for creatives at all stages of their career.”

The ODA ceremony distinguished itself by recognizing creativity across various levels, including students, professionals, and agencies. The evaluation process for each design submission was rigorously conducted by an expert jury, focusing on key aspects such as design quality, creativity, innovation, and content relevance. Throughout 2023, ODA conducted four quarterly competitions. This particular ceremony was special as it amalgamated the results of these competitions, celebrating the year’s most outstanding contributions and culminating in the selection of the best of the year.

In addition to celebrating the winning entries, the ODA ceremony provided an insightful behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative design processes. It highlighted the significant impact that thoughtful and innovative design can have. This segment offered attendees a deeper understanding of the efforts and creative thought behind successful designs, emphasizing the power of design in various fields.

The ceremony was a live virtual event streamed on YouTube and celebrated different works across categories such as art, marketing, motion, design, technology, branding, and more. Fulfilling the agency categories for Technology and Branding, ArtVersion’s work was celebrated amongst other renowned creatives all over the world.

“Being nominated twice in the inaugural award ceremony was a tremendous honor for ArtVersion. The privilege extends beyond the nomination itself; it lies in being an integral part of the creative community and witnessing the myriad perspectives that illustrate the versatility of design. Experiencing this diversity and understanding the various interpretations of what makes design so adaptable and impactful is truly special,” says ArtVersion’s Creative Director of Design Petra Campbell.

ArtVersion’s website design as branding ecosystem development was nominated for its collaboration with Legat Architects. These two nominations are now newly part of the other 17+ awards the team received for the project, a testament to their hard work. The care and craft that went behind the website and branding design helped elevate Legat’s established legacy with a modernized authority, and with a website that showcased their architectural spaces.

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