Web development is an organic process; something that grows together with your brand.

Written by Mark Wilson

CIO Magazine

Digital media is evolving each day. Gone are the days when merely designing websites having mobile accessibility was sufficient to contribute to the overall experience of businesses.

Today, organizations prefer designs that represent their brand and carefully craft user pathways. This is where ArtVersion Interactive—a company innovating graphic and web designs—steps in. “Every company has a unique story to tell, which reflects its beliefs and culture; our agency specializes in designing this,” begins Goran Paun, Principal and Creative Director, ArtVersion. He further continues, “We work with companies to create UI/UX designs that works, converts, and narrates their story.” The firm transfers the cohesive brand perceptions, creative assets, and consistent interaction experiences of the customers across all media—print, digital, web, and mobile—and incorporates it in their web designs. This enables users to attain a better scalability and helps them to stand ahead of the competition curve.

“Web development is an organic process; something that grows together with your brand, services, and company initiatives. It is crucial not to get boxed-in to the process,” delineates Paunovic. The ArtVersion Web Design service is fluid and leaves room and flexibility to refine iterations for the final outcome. The company’s agile team does not follow a template approach while designing websites for customers and is efficient in intuitively comprehending their clients’ project requirements from the very first discovery meeting. “We function as a creatively integrative team and see ourselves in a strategic and collaborative partnership with the client,” says Paunovic. The employees do not shun away from asking probing questions to customers, challenging their assumptions and are not reticent to suggesting new things that prove instrumental while creating new media strategies for the clients. The company delivers microsite design capabilities which facilitate the promotion of individual product lines, new products and delivery of cohesive specialized information. As a result, the granulating product lines and each market verticals have its own presence and dominance on the net.

“Our microsites are one of the most effective ways for clients to design organic engagement and relevance that create cross-channel capability and link back to their main site,” explains Paunovic. “We pride ourselves in our ability to simplify complexity and capture relevance, detail and messaging that matters,” he adds. ArtVersion assists clients in numerous industries like financial, banking, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer package goods, manufacturing to fashion, retail, and IT. For instance, ArtVersion designed a website for the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill to bring visual awareness, as a part of the campaign led by the National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative. It helped them impart effective knowledge amongst the users and optimize health and wellbeing of women and infants.

With pronounced localization in the web development space, ArtVersion focuses on coast to coast expansion. “We believe that keeping our agency small and independent with agile focusoriented teams is the best way to serve our client needs,” says Paunovic. A few years ago, ArtVersion opened small satellite offices in San Francisco and Portland and without artificial growth or instant infusion of capital, they are experiencing steady organic development in those areas by keeping the teams connected and collaborative with their main hub in Chicago. “As companies age, it’s important to keep them relevant and innovative to inspire talented teams to preserve foundations and expand reach. Great design is the simplest way to achieve that,” concludes Paunovic.

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