ArtVersion Lands First as Top Digital Design Agency in Chicago

Timeliness, service excellence, value, recommendation rate, and positive client reviews where just some of the criteria that ArtVersion exceeded to be named first in a list of 100 digital design consultants. This recognition comes as a result of their exceptional performance across all parameters.

The Manifest selected the best Chicago-based digital design agencies for January 2024, with ArtVersion landing in the first spot. The recognition notably highlighted the team’s diverse portfolio industry-leading clients, across a myriad of industries. The Manifest, an authoritative body in the digital design industry, conducted a thorough selection process to identify the best Chicago-based digital design agencies.

ArtVersion outside-office door four team members talking.

In this rigorous evaluation, ArtVersion emerged as the top agency, a testament to their outstanding capabilities and achievements. This accolade is significant as it highlights the team’s diverse and impressive portfolio, showcasing their work with industry-leading clients across various sectors. The recognition by The Manifest not only cements ArtVersion’s position as a leader in digital design in Chicago but also showcases their ability to adapt and excel across a wide range of industries.

“Working with different clients in all industries always poses as an exciting challenge. Uncovering the nuances of every brand, and creating amazing experiences for each, fuels our passion behind the work we provide for our clients,” says Petra Campbell, ArtVersion’s Creative Director of Design.

This recognition by The Manifest reflects the team’s ability to understand and creatively interpret the unique needs of a diverse clientele, resulting in impactful and innovative design solutions. ArtVersion’s commitment to delivering top-tier services and creating value for their clients is now more evident than ever, setting them up for continued success and influence in the digital design realm.

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