Influencer Marketing Hub understands that graphic design is used in all different businesses, no matter what field. They compiled a list of the top design agencies to be aware of for all your graphic design needs. They listed ArtVersion as one of the leading agencies for diverse businesses and organizations seeking innovative solutions, and user-focused designs. ArtVersion’s collaborative approaches to working with other companies is executed by acting as an extended part of their team for design, development, branding, and more.

ArtVersion is a top design agency because of their ability to listen to the client and produce results that fit their needs. Influencer Marketing Hub noted that ArtVersion is great at creating an emotional connection between brands and consumers and always thinks about the end user.

Through their continued expertise and design skills, ArtVersion is continuously improving and adapting to the changing UX/UI environment—allowing them continued recognition as a leading agency. 

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion® ( is a creative agency headquartered in Chicago, IL, globally acclaimed for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. With over twenty years of leading expertise in graphic design, branding and web development, ArtVersion works with clients worldwide to craft dynamic strategies, visuals and messaging that delivers powerful user experiences. ArtVersion’s services range from conceptualization, design & layout, and content strategies relevant to digital web and print delivery methods. ArtVersion also boasts a best-in-class user experience lab to help clients reimagine their brand and push creative boundaries.