ArtVersion Named a Top Web Design Company in Illinois 

Earlier this summer, ArtVersion was titled a “Top eCommerce Development Company in Chicago” and to continue their streak of recognition, the ArtVersion team was recognized once again. Geographically zooming out on their searches, Good Firms was on the search for the top web design companies in the state of Illinois. ArtVersion was among many on that list, to be celebrated for delivering experiences that align with a company’s brand positioning, design language, and messaging. Good Firms seek out the best industries for other industry leaders to easily find and potentially work with. ArtVersion was on that list as a trusted web design firm, helping brands elevate their digital presence with innovative design languages and positive user experiences.

At the core of what they do, ArtVersion takes pride in helping brands establish, rejuvenate, or optimize their design language, which plays a fundamental role in web design. By truly delving into the headspace of different industries and stakeholders’ projects, the Chicago-based design firm personalizes its visual stories. With usability and experience built for all, without compromise. The additional recognition by Good Firms has been another great achievement by the platform, and an honor for ArtVersion.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion Agency is a Chicago-based independent creative agency committed to delivering innovative web design, UX design, graphic design, branding strategy, and digital marketing solutions. With a dedicated team of experienced designers and strategists, ArtVersion guides brands through the complexities of the digital landscape, ensuring businesses of all sizes have the resources and tools to thrive in the digital world. To learn more, visit

About Good Firms

Good is an online platform that bridges the gap between users and business partners by providing B2B solutions through their review and rating data. Good Firms provides businesses seeking other reliable, and top-rated businesses to work with and simplifies the search, worldwide.