ArtVersion Offers Insight on Google SGE with Forbes Council

With the launch of Google’s new search experience, many marketers are rethinking the impact of Google’s newly launched features and what that means for organic traffic and strategies. Yet, with new technology arises adjustments to engraved practices, much like Google’s newest SGE.

Google launched a new search experience that utilizes generative artificial intelligence that provides a more personalized way to search. The launch also prioritizes user engagement and visibility; however, challenges were posed for marketers who rely on organic traffic for consumer base growth. Amongst the concerns, however, the rise of AI and how it has become embedded into growing technology is restructuring strategy and opens the opportunity for future advancements.

Forbes posed Google’s SGE to the agency council, to gauge how marketers’ strategies have been reconceptualized, and what this new technology means for the future of marketing growth. ArtVersion’s Principal and Creative Director, Goran Paun shared his insight and its effect on keywords and website visibility.

Paun elaborates that user queries become much more nuanced and conversational which can enable greater contextual answers—emphasizing that targeting placement won’t be based on keywords alone. With the Forbes Agency Council, Paun shares,

“SGE’s ability to understand and interpret user queries in a more nuanced and conversational manner enables it to provide more accurate and context-rich answers. Targeting placement based on a keyword alone is replaced by a more human-like experience. Marketers must ensure their content is well-researched, accurately sourced and supported with unique graphics, and that it reflects expertise in their field.”

With the shift in how data and information flow across the digital space, new technologies pave the way for transformative changes. While such changes often bring about skepticism, allowing technology to continuously reinvent itself fosters acceptance and facilitates new areas of growth. As these advancements progress, they challenge old paradigms and encourage us to adapt, ensuring that our digital infrastructure meets current demands and anticipates future needs.

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