In many aspects of digital design, balance is the goal when it comes to any digital product. A fundamental piece of design is copy content, and that too needs to follow the best practices of design balance. For this month’s Entrepreneur contribution, ArtVersion shared their spin on why an equilibrium for copy and design creation needs to happen at an equal starting line. The piece explores why it simply isn’t enough to begin copy development late into the game when a design is fully fleshed out. Instead, the copy should inform the design, and the design should also inform the copy. It is a fine line to teether, but communication and collaboration can bring this initiative into full view. The creative agency writes, 

“Copy curation is all part of the design process, but without aligning these two practices, it can leave room for a mismatched experience. Therefore, commencing these two processes at the same, early starting point will make all the difference.”

The team further states, that many agencies attain their own workflows that work best for each specific project’s needs. Sometimes, the copy is already developed and needs to be designed, or vice versa, however, viewing both disciplines with equal importance, can boost productivity, remove room for error, and create an overall, uniform experience.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion is an award-winning design consultancy from Chicago with clients around the world. Serving brands since 1999, the ArtVersion team consists of visual designers, branding strategists, and developers. Most known for pioneering user experience design as a discipline, ArtVersion has been a trusted partner for a number of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and notable startups.