ArtVersion on Crafting Start-up Narratives

A brand’s aesthetic is the visual backbone of what allows audiences to recognize a company or organization—which many consider the most crucial part of a brand. For start-up businesses finding your footing with your exact brand identity can be a layered initiative, but solidifying your brand’s narrative can provide clarity. 

This month on Entrepreneur, ArtVersion shed some light on impactful ways for start-up companies to deliver and showcase a strong brand narrative. Whether the starting line begins with finding a common denominator: a significant motif, or utilizing human-centric thinking, a brand narrative is all about building connections and effectively showing the world what your company or organization has to offer as a differentiator. 

“By effectively leveraging the emotional response of your users” the article states, “your brand is built around how it makes your users feel, which establishes the tone. If your brand attains witty, casual messaging, that can further be reflected in your design or graphical elements as well. The puzzle pieces can come together to strengthen your brand’s unique identity.”

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