ArtVersion on Forbes Agency Council: Twelve Impactful Roles for 2023

As the world around us continues to shift, and the prominent influx of technology continues to fully form its contours, the job market has navigated new ways to incorporate much-needed job positions. Many agencies have adjusted their core positions to be much more inclusive of these rapid changes. In Forbes’ Agency Council, they prompted an important topic of discussion: what new, impactful roles will agencies seek out to hire in 2023?

Forbes exemplifies the rise of social media coordinators would have been a puzzling notion year ago, but now, it seems as though most agencies have this role for their business to boost marketing visibility. ArtVersion shared their take from a digital design agency, on what roles will most likely spike across industries, and Goran Paun emphasized data scientists and AI engineers will be in demand. Once again spotlighting the idea that technology can open up new opportunities for fresh thinkers to arrive on the scene, artificial intelligence (AI) has catapulted into the tech realm most recently, and it is no surprise that many agencies will need AI innovators on their side.  

ArtVersion Chicago
ArtVersion Creative Agency

“In response to industry demand, we started looking to fill openings for data scientists and AI engineers in our Chicagoland office early in 2023. These roles are new to our agency, as our focus was traditionally on preliminary front-end user interface design. By bringing this new talent on-premises, we will be able to fulfill client requests in this domain and keep innovating in our internal processes.” 

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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