ArtVersion Shares Exclusive Tips for Social Media Brand Representation

Social media has become a significant tool for brands all over the world and has introduced many active social media users to brands they can newly enjoy. Many brands have also encouraged a new approach—allowing their team to promote and share brand-related media on their personal accounts. However, with representing a brand, there has to be a solid plan in place to ensure posts are within company guidelines. Forbes Agency Council asked leaders what their thoughts and approach to these social posting standards should be. ArtVersion shared their input and for Goran Paun, that means providing meaningful training and resources. 

Demonstrating to your team the best ways to show and promote social media engagement can bolster a further sense of brand excitement and enjoyment if team members are sharing brands on their social platforms, but it has to be done with company integrity in mind. Collectively informing your staff to be on the same page is a significant starting point. 

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“Leaders should consider providing meaningful training or resources to the team to help them understand how to use social media effectively and responsibly to promote the organization and its work. This could include guidelines on best practices for engaging with customers and followers and on how to monitor and track the impact of social media activities on the organization’s performance.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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