ArtVersion Shares Insight on How to Navigate M&As with Design

Merger and acquisition scenarios are a layered process, and among the many changes to consider during the transition, branding, and design is one of the many pivotal factors. Whether a complete refresh or preserving dominant elements, a design language is essential to consider.

Well-versed in this area, ArtVersion shared their insights and perspectives on how to handle rebranding during merger and acquisition instances with Forbes. The team was featured on the platform in the article, “How to Navigate M&As Through Revamped Design Systems.”

The article delved into the best strategic approaches to handling changes to UI elements such as color, typography, logo changes, and more. The piece states, “When it comes to branding, consistency and cohesion are paramount. Visual design is one of the many first things audiences and consumers will associate with a brand or company. Visual design elements such as color schemes, logo design, graphic elements, and more should be cohesive in M&As to preserve companies’ legacies while leveraging the strengths of each.”

The key factor, according to the ArtVersion team, is finding the middle and striking a balance between keeping familiarity for audiences and optimizing accordingly for stakeholders. The goal also relies on what the overall objective and goal of the M&A situation calls for.

The piece continues, “Ultimately, a well-conceived design system serves as the foundation for both external market positioning and internal cohesion, driving the success of the merger or acquisition from within. Further, when your teams are all on the same page about a company’s new branding, it propels consistency externally to your audience as well.”

The many moving pieces are essential in M&A situations, and it’s key to not lose sight of branding during the shuffle.

Read the full article on Forbes.

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