ArtVersion Shares Their Insight on Qualitative Data in the Age of AI

Understanding target audiences is a core fundamental to business practices and marketing strategies for companies and brands. One of the key ways to understand demographic interests and behavior is through qualitative data, such as sales, traffic analytics, and more. Yet, as pivotal as numeric measures are, understanding a more humanistic side of your users and consumers is paramount.

In the monthly Forbes Agency Council, the question was posed: what role does qualitative data play in the era of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and how do agencies leverage it to meet the needs of their audience?

ArtVersion’s Principal and Creative Director, Goran Paun, shared his insight on how AI and data can intersect for optimal results. His input? Creating a better user experience. Paun explains that with qualitative data, better UX can flourish for web design projects to better gauge a demographic’s preferences, pain points, and needs.

“We use qualitative data to create a better UX for Web design projects. Through user testing, interviews and usability studies, we gain insights into user needs, preferences and pain points. This information guides the design process, ensuring that websites and digital platforms are not only functional, but also enjoyable to use, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.”

Qualitative data is a crucial layer to the metrics and health of a website, which in turn can be a reflection of a brand’s digital presence. For example, if a website’s metric showcases a high bounce rate or low traffic amount, the deeper meaning can inform developers that mending is needed on the backend. Whether that is design-wise, or pathway restructuring, data can reveal the details. This in turn can also demonstrate that your audience may not find the overall experience satisfactory, thus leave a website—data and user preferences are intertwined. When in combination, data, especially in the age of AI, can lead to an unforgettable user experience.

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