ArtVersion Voices Their Expertise on Retail Today’s Roundtable

The growth of technology is changing many industries as we know them—and although significantly apparent in UI/UX and web design, the retail industry is also drastically evolving through tech. Additionally, when the digital meets the physical, there is an overlap in how industry leaders are leveraging technology growth.

As a core topic for this month’s Retail Today Quarterly Roundtable, ArtVersion lent its expertise to the digital publication regarding their thoughts on the matter. The question at hand prompted industry leaders to consider the intersection of physical retail and eCommerce and what industries should keep their eye on to ensure both realms succeed. ArtVersion’s Goran Paun shared that cohesion is an often overlooked, but highly significant factor.  

“When it comes down to creating a seamless online and in-store experience, one important aspect shouldn’t be overlooked: cohesion. Many stakeholders across different industries are seeking the help of digital design agencies because although they have innovative products and services that are thriving, their online experience sometimes has yet to cohesively mirror their innovation. Thus, a huge part of a seamless experience is a consistent and experiential online presence—digital product, website design, branding alignment, and more, to bridge the chasm between the digital and physical. This can also entail how a company is presenting itself across platforms such as social media posts with a clear design language that aligns universally across a brand’s identity.”

Goran Paun

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