The Forbes Agency Council discussed 14 reasons why public relations is imperative for new businesses. They discuss ideas like ensuring your business identity is trustworthy and making sure your business’s story is heard. The list is a great starting point for someone who is new to owning a business to review.

As a member of this council, Goran Paun of ArtVersion gave his thoughts on the topic. Paun has over 20 years of experience with public relations, and the success of ArtVersion proves he knows what he is doing. He discusses the importance of earned media for new businesses along with paid and owned of course. His emphasis on the importance of earned media for new companies illustrates how crucial it is. Word of mouth can spread the reach of a new business very quickly and help it earn a trustworthy reputation.

ArtVersion Creative Agency
Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

“A good balance of earned media combined with social, paid, and owned media is necessary to create brand awareness. Combining efforts creates multifaceted outreach strategies that amplify the message further than relying on a single channel would.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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