ArtVersion’s eCommerce Experiences Applauded in Retail Today Feature

Retail Today, a renowned online magazine that shares insights on technology and the retail world, published its latest editorial anthology on eCommerce agencies.  The collection, “Commerce Engine for World’s Leading Brands” was an ode to outstanding eCommerce agencies that continuously work to reshape the digital eCommerce experience. ArtVersion was spotlighted with a feature piece that celebrated the agency’s ability to help eCommerce brands across diverse industries develop robust digital experiences for their brands. The feature described the long litany of digital experiences the team has created for their clients and the future-proof solutions created to ensure the longevity of every digital experience. The article states,

“ArtVersion ensures its clients achieve the full potential of their eCommerce platform by designing with consistency. The team understands, consistency in branding and design innately plays a fundamental role in eCommerce as it can help drive conversions, intrigue new audiences, and excite established ones. By further aiding brands to carry out recognizability for their company, the eCommerce platform is designed and developed with tonality, look and feel, and design elements that make up a brand’s design language.”

Not only did Retail Today feature the team, but they also spotlighted the team’s insights. Further within the report, their article, “The Future of eCommerce with Experiential and Modern-Day Trends” was also featured within the publication. The piece delved into the ways in which eCommerce is in a constant state of renewal. 

The future of eCommerce is brimming with possibilities, and with agencies like ArtVersion at the forefront, we can expect a continued trend toward enriching, personalized, and seamless online shopping experiences.

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About ArtVersion

ArtVersion is an award-winning design consultancy from Chicago with clients around the world. Serving brands since 1999, the ArtVersion team consists of visual designers, branding strategists, and developers. Most known for pioneering user experience design as a discipline, ArtVersion has been a trusted partner for a number of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and notable startups.