In their early 2021 report, featured ArtVersion among the top three best web companies in Chicago.

In the quarterly release, ArtVersion was named as one of the top three best web design companies in Chicago by Digital. Digital is an independent review platform that applies a sentiment analysis algorithm to score companies and aggregates unbiased opinions from genuine users. We take great pride in acknowledging this wonderful accolade we received, and we are honored to be among the top three to receive their highest designations. Earlier this year, we earned similar recognition from Expertise as Top Web Designers in Chicago.

“This was a challenging year. A continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in distributing our team with remote work,” says Erin Lentz, Executive Director of Design at ArtVersion. “We worked harder than ever to stay integrated as an agile team. We appreciate Digital for recognizing us and we are thrilled of the results, as well as honored and proud that we exceeded our client’s expectations.”

Driven by UI/UX best practices ArtVersion designs websites with a purpose and intent. Human-centered web design is the center of their innovation. Creating brands that resonate and helping companies with visual communication is their team’s passion. The results are tangible and measurable.

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ABOUT ArtVersion:

ArtVersion is a creative agency headquartered in Chicago, IL, globally acclaimed for its UI/UX focused in web design. With over twenty years of leading brand expertise, design, and development, ArtVersion works with clients nationwide to design dynamic strategies, visuals and brand components that create powerful user experiences.

ABOUT Digital: is a website that helps small business owners make the right buying choices. Inaccurate reviews are a real problem for small business website owners. We build ratings using genuine user comments that are authentic, relevant, and up-to-date.