ArtVersion Agency Recognized Among the Top 25 Web Design Companies in Chicago

Chicago, IL – June 29, 2023 – ArtVersion Interactive Agency, a Chicago-based creative company specializing in web design and visual branding, is proud to announce its inclusion in the “25 Best Web Design Companies in Chicago” list.

The exclusive top-of-the-list ranking, compiled by an independent reviewer, focuses on the ability to deliver cutting-edge web solutions that align with clients’ unique brand identities and drive substantial business growth. The top 25 list includes industry leaders known for their creativity, technical know-how, and customer-focused services, further cementing Chicago’s reputation as a hub for innovative web design.

ArtVersion’s relentless pursuit of visual excellence and innovative web design strategies has not gone unnoticed, with its place on the list serving as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the entire team.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized among the 25 Best Web Design Companies in Chicago,” said Goran Paun, Principal of ArtVersion. “Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital design and transforming the way businesses communicate their brand story online. This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering web design solutions that don’t just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.”

ArtVersion’s approach integrates design, technology, and strategy to create impactful digital experiences. Their team consists of multidisciplinary designers, developers, and strategists who work collaboratively to deliver web designs that are visually stunning, functionally robust, and easy to navigate.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, ArtVersion’s impressive portfolio demonstrates its capability to work across different sectors and industries. Its impressive clientele includes nationally recognized brands like Exelon, TrunsUnion, Realtor, Volvo, and Caterpillar.

ArtVersion Creative Agency has consistently demonstrated its expertise in creating web solutions that resonate with target audiences, thereby driving conversions and improving customer loyalty. The recognition as one of Chicago’s best web design companies is a well-deserved accolade that underlines its influence in the industry.

This announcement underscores Chicago’s thriving digital landscape and ArtVersion’s integral role in this dynamic ecosystem. As the digital world continues to evolve, ArtVersion is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in web design.

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About ArtVersion®

ArtVersion Agency is a Chicago-based independent creative agency specializing in web design, UX design, graphic design, branding strategy, and digital marketing. Focused on guiding brands through the complexities of the digital landscape, ArtVersion ensures that businesses of all sizes have the tools necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving digital world.

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