At its core, Chicago has always been a city booming in eclectic creativity that is full of unapologetic risk-takers striving to reconceptualize the established touchstones to innovation. 

ArtVersion, well acquainted with pushing the boundaries of creativity, was named a leading Chicago-based digital design agency for 2022. 

Built In Chicago listed the creative agency as one of the top 11 design firms in the city that offer dynamic graphics, memorable branding, and interactive experiences. Their curated report also highlighted the team’s ability to refresh the way brands visually appeal to their audiences for engagement within their services. 

Built In Chicago has been connecting people with the tech industry for companies to share their stories. In this particular report, they emphasized the companies that develop next-level visuals, web, and UX design to elevate user experiences digitally. 

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About Built in Chicago

Built in Chicago is an online platform that connects communities with tech companies all from within Chicago. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between tech talent and the industry for people to hear the stories of companies from start-ups to those established. Built In has also curated online platforms for different cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and more. 

About ArtVersion

ArtVersion is an award-winning design consultancy from Chicago with clients around the world. Serving brands since 1999, the ArtVersion team consists of visual designers, branding strategists and developers. Most known for pioneering user experience design as a discipline, ArtVersion has been a trusted partner for a number of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and notable startups.