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While having a well-designed site is important, it’s important to remember to work on optimizing for website usability.

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Web Development Chicago

Based Firm ArtVersion is a web development Chicago firm that also specializes in branding initiatives. While the design is our forte, we excel in everything from corporate branding, web development, UI/UX design, to visual storytelling. Our team consists of creative problem solvers that work as one cohesive unit to create the best possible outcome.

Multidisciplinary Team

We like to think of ourselves as a cornucopia of creative and lab people that are passionate about everything related to design. In our team, you’ll find obsessed graphic designers who pay attention to the smallest details, mad scientists devoted to building the best UI/UX for websites, branding experts that help companies stand out, and strategists who understand the web like the back of their hands.

Unique Approach

Our approach is just as unique as our team. We attack projects holistically rather than isolating individual components. Our branding expert may communicate with our web designer on what is needed to best exemplify the brand on the website, and our designer will work closely with the developer for compatibility issues for different devices. This integrated teamwork-based approach is the reason why we have a high client satisfaction rate. In fact, we think our unique approach gives us an advantage over freelancers. It’s nearly impossible for an individual to have all the skills necessary to work on all the different aspects of a project at the highest level. Each member of our team, which is composed of award-winning creative professionals, has an area of expertise that is unmatched. The result is a high-quality final product that freelancers can’t rival.

Creative Partners

We like partnering with them, working closely, and keeping them involved in the process, we aim to create unified team with our clients, becoming truly an extension of their in-house marketing efforts. Usually, firms want to get their clients out of the way when they’re ready to start the project, but we like to invite our clients to be a part of the process. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. We want you to build chemistry with our design team so that there’s a mutual understanding of what you’re looking for. We also want you to pitch in your ideas because we know you understand your business better than anybody else. The goal is to work collectively to create another success story.

The World Around Us

Our web development Chicago-based team has been in existence for over two decades. As a result, many of our clients have been Chicago-based companies that came to us for design work and challenging branding projects. Don’t take our word for it. Just look around and you’ll find that many of the brands and companies you’re familiar with have worked with us in the past. So let’s get started on your next big project. Drop us a line and we’ll walk you through our unique process.

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Web Usability

Web usability is defined by the user experience when interacting with a website. There are many factors that affect the experience of a web visitor such as loading time, navigation, formatting for mobile devices, readability, and organization.

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Usability Best Practices

Web Usability in a Nutshell

Web usability is a broad topic. In a nutshell, we’re talking about giving the user exactly what they want without making them work for it. Exceeding those rudimentary needs for content by presenting a beautiful design on top of that is the ultimate goal. However, it is of primary importance that the design serves its function by delivering content to the user in a sensible way.

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Design Methods

Designed for Humans, Developed by Semantics

The simple fact is that if someone clicks on your site and has a negative user experience because they can’t find what they’re looking for in a short amount of time, they will simply leave. User experience can be bogged down by such things as inconsistent or hidden navigation, important content being obscured behind too many clicks or simply having too much on a page so as to lose focus on what should be most obvious. An intelligent user interface design that gives users what they want is something that will either make or break a website’s design.

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More web development topics

We are curiosity-driven and inspired by great web design and clean code


Design Aesthetics

We design purposeful, esthetically pleasing and engaging, interactive interfaces that truly represent your digital product and embrace user experience.


Data-Driven Design

It’s all about the intelligent use of metrics and data, combined with user feedback and analytic that together shape the influence of the final design.

Design • Strategy • Coding

We design and build platforms that allow companies to grow and engage users. By transforming analytics and digital insights into measurable design principles, we simplify user experiences and create meaningful journeys.

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