A staple asset that came along with the revolution of technological design and machine learning was chatbots. Although they aren’t necessarily new to the scene of design, chatbots are still a core piece of how companies are engaging their users and customers—simplifying their workload and creating a positive user experience with rapid problem-solving. Since websites and mobile applications have initially adopted chatbots into their designs, they’ve come a long way. 

Fast Company prompted 10 members of the Fast Company Executive Board to share their expertise in utilizing chatbots to improve the user experiences for websites and mobile applications. The core of incorporating chatbots can help improve experiences by clarifying cognitive friction and streamlining questions to elevate brands’ user satisfaction with modern solutions.

ArtVersion Principal and Creative Director, Goran Paun, shared his perspective on the impact of chatbots. Instant access to information and rapid connectivity is key to every industry and chatbots keep users connected in a succinct, satisfying manner. 

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“Algorithmic and smart conversion funnels can be a game-changer for any business in virtually every industry. Gone are the days of FAQs and Q&As that are too long, users want instant answers or access to the information, which is expected in today’s connected world. New user behavior studies are also uncovering that phone calls are on the decrease in favor of chat and text windows by a huge percentage.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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