ArtVersion Founder Featured in the Chicago Tribune for Success on Global Digital Platform

In the world of graphic design and digital services, the landscape has drastically changed with the advent of global online platforms. One of the key players that has come to the forefront in this new era is Goran Paun, the Principal Creative Director and Founder of ArtVersion.

Paun’s journey and success story was featured in an article titled “Global outsourcing for the little guy” published in the Chicago Tribune on May 29, 2006. The article explores how small businesses and entrepreneurs are leveraging online platforms like Elance to tap into global talent, with Paun being highlighted as one of the successful service providers.

ArtVersion, the graphic design firm run by Paun, offers logo design as one of its primary services. Despite stiff competition from service providers around the world, ArtVersion has managed to carve a niche for itself on the Elance platform.

While Paun acknowledges that the global nature of platforms like Elance does necessitate a more competitive pricing strategy, he considers it a fair trade-off given the volume of work ArtVersion can secure through the platform. Typically charging around $1300 per logo on Elance, as opposed to $1375 offline, the company bids on about 100 projects per month and successfully lands 5 to 10 of those.

Paun credits Elance for being an instrumental tool in building his client base, revealing that the platform has yielded numerous repeat customers. His experience disproves the common belief that platforms like Elance only result in one-time jobs.

Through his strategic use of Elance, Goran Paun has positioned ArtVersion as a highly competitive graphic design firm. This story serves as a testament to the shifting nature of the digital services industry and the new opportunities for businesses of all sizes to tap into global talent.

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