Digital Journal Features ArtVersion’s Impact In Experience Design

“Innovation has been the lifeblood of ArtVersion. We have continuously evolved our techniques and strategies to stay ahead of the curve, adapting to changes in technology and user behavior.” Featured in the Digital Journal, ArtVersion shared their insights on their approach to design. A core part of their work is their focus on innovation and how to discover new trajectories that turn design into an interactive experience.

The Digital Journal is a celebrated global media platform that captures news and stories from all around the world. ArtVersion was able to share its story on the platform that focused on the team’s expertise and methodologies behind their web designs and user experience designs that drive user engagement.

Two team members collaborate on web design projects at the ArtVersion Chicago offices.

The feature reads, “As we look to the future, our mission remains the same – to continue pushing the boundaries of web design, creating innovative solutions that fuse aesthetics with usability. With our proven expertise and forward-thinking approach, ArtVersion is ideally positioned to lead the next wave of digital innovation, helping businesses and organizations not just to establish an online presence but to dominate the digital landscape with engaging user-friendly websites.”

The team has long been a part of the digital design realm—over 20 years. Since then, the team has continuously evolved with the ebb and flow of innovation, design trends, and all the advancements of modern-day technology. As pioneers in utilizing experience as a discipline and methodology behind design, the team has set the standard of digital design with every digital project they undertake.

Most notably, in the 2023 digital design award season, the team walked away with over 17 awards for their experience design project for renowned architecture firm, Legat. Yet, it isn’t simply about the achievements, but rather, emboldening brands, companies, and organizations to be leaders in their industries. Remaining highly fluid and adaptable to change, is what has kept ArtVersion current.

Explore ArtVersion’s portfolio and uncover the continuous impact the team continues to make in the digital design world.