Entrepreneur Chronicles ArtVersion’s Expertise in Latest Feature

For company leaders, a reflection on industry changes, improvements, and overall growth is quite often a lens to look through from time to time. Whether an industry leader of a start-up or a long-time innovator in an established company, trailing the trajectory from the starting line to where they stand now is often a great motivator to continue innovating.

For ArtVersion design agency, a leader in the UI/UX industry of over 20 years, reflection sparks momentum that leads to new possibilities. Entrepreneur featured the team in a feature piece that timelined their growth as a design agency. The article piece, “The Pull and Pulse of Digital Design: How ArtVersion is Reconceptualizing the Online World” spotlighted the team’s growth from being the first few agencies to advocate for UX design as an experience, and responsive design as a key aspect to design, these shifts were only part of how largely their frame of expertise has grown today. The feature describes the way in which ArtVersion has achieved so much because they are in a constant state of innovation and reflection. Their refusal to remain static in a fast-moving field has kept their step fast and their innovation fresh. 

The team delves into every design project with data-driven strategies that allow brands to become differentiators in their industry. The feature also analyzes how the team can grow with brands to be on the same page about initiatives, visions, goals, and more.

The piece states,” The ArtVersion design agency and its collaborative nature, in conjunction with industry best practices, has formed a creative, and practical lifecycle of projects. From conceptual to contextual, iterative to experiential, ArtVersion’s methodologies have remained a highly fluid process, that not only allows them to see the latest design standards on the horizon but to confidently claim them into their work.”

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ArtVersion design agency team collaborating in office

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ArtVersion Agency is a Chicago-based independent creative agency committed to delivering innovative web design, UX design, graphic design, branding strategy, and digital marketing solutions. With a dedicated team of experienced designers and strategists, ArtVersion guides brands through the complexities of the digital landscape, ensuring businesses of all sizes have the resources and tools to thrive in the digital world. To learn more, visit artversion.com.

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