Technology has the ability to allow companies and their daily operations to induce productivity and efficiency. Yet, with the hyper-active way in which they mold and shift into new trends, staying on top of new platforms, softwares, and technologies can be a challenge. 

Fast Company Executive Board members shared their ideas on how to remain up-to-date with digital updates and trends. ArtVersion highlighted the importance of following an association or advocacy group to learn from their industry studies. Leveraging from leadership insights from an ArtVersion collaborator, the Internet Society—a non-profit organization that is revolutionizing the prosperity of an equal Internet, Goran Paun shared his expertise on how to stay informed on internet developments.  

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion
Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

“Most industries have a standards body, trade association, or advocacy group that publishes policies, studies, and industry-wide missions for the benefit of the field and all professionals working within the industry. At ArtVersion, when it comes to technology, we closely follow the Internet Society for internet development, evolution, and growth as a global communications infrastructure.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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