Is Newspaper Advertising Worth The ROI?

Written by Forbes Agency Council, Contributor ArtVersion Interactive

ArtVersion’s Goran Paun shares his take on whether newspapers are worth the investment for advertisers when it comes to promoting their business. In collaboration with the Forbes Agency Council and the #GettingBuzz roundtable. Contributing agency member ArtVersion offers perspective.

Target Audience Alignment: Understanding your target audience is crucial. Newspapers tend to resonate with older demographics who prefer print over digital media. If your target audience aligns with this demographic, newspaper advertising can offer good ROI by effectively reaching this group.

Geographic Targeting: Newspapers are excellent for local targeting. For businesses aiming to make an impact in a specific community or region, local newspapers can be a direct channel to reach potential customers, making it a potentially valuable investment.

Brand Credibility: Advertising in reputable newspapers can enhance your brand’s credibility—boosting ROI. Being featured in a trusted publication can lend a sense of legitimacy and prestige to your brand, potentially boosting consumer trust and interest.

Integrated Campaigns: Combining newspaper advertising with digital marketing efforts can amplify your message. A multi-channel approach that includes newspapers can ensure wider visibility, ROI, and reinforce your message across different platforms.

Cost vs. Benefit: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of newspaper advertising for your specific goals. While it can be expensive, the right placement in a well-read section of a newspaper can result in a strong ROI, especially if it leads to high engagement or sales.

Measuring Success: Determining the ROI of newspaper advertising can be challenging compared to digital ads. However, using coupon codes, dedicated landing pages, and tracking phone numbers can help measure the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns.

ArtVersion Interactive Agency featured on Forbes for ROI insight.

As with all advertising delivery platforms, the medium must fit the strategy. Newspaper ads can be costly depending on the publication, likely will only be seen in a quick moment, and there is no solid way to track conversion. However, for the right campaign, or as a component of a larger initiative, they can be a game changer, making more of a tangible statement than digital ever could. – Goran Paun, ArtVersion Interactive Agency.

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