11 Recent Changes Impacting SEO

Written by Forbes Agency Council

Search engine optimization can be seen as a running battle between website design and search engine companies. Sites constantly seek edges to gain (or keep) their first-page rankings, while search engines want to refine what they promote, in order to improve results for searchers.

Below, 11 Forbes Agency Council members talk about SEO trends are impacting their work this year, along with how they intend to handle them.

An Event To Support Italian Trade With The U.S.

Earlier this year, we experienced a boost in terms of positioning by incorporating SSL to all of our pages. Seems that search engines are emphasizing importance of security, and rewarding those efforts accordingly. It is still very important to do it by using best practices and predetermined guidelines. Just pushing pages to https:// won’t cut it; informational architecture is equally important.

– Goran Paun, ArtVersion Interactive Agency

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