Forbes and ArtVersion Share Perspective on Team Communication

Communication in the workplace is an indispensable aspect of running any business or organization effectively. First and foremost, communication is crucial in developing and maintaining strong relationships among staff members. It fosters mutual understanding and trust, essential for a healthy working environment. Employees who feel heard and understood tend to be happier and more motivated, which boosts morale and productivity. Particularly in hybrid or work-from-home environments, communication is one of the most important aspects as teams work individually, ensuring a strong sense of collaboration and unity.

How then, can business leaders ensure that their organization is upholding open communication internally, and externally? That was the question Forbes posed to 20 industry leaders who shared their perspectives on the best ways they maintain a healthy sense of team harmony within their organization. Goran Paun, ArtVersion’s Principle and Creative Director shared his perspective with the council.

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“During the remote work era, we’ve improved communication between our team and clients by encouraging regular strategy calls, using video conferencing for face-to-face interactions, and setting clear meeting agendas. This approach promotes strategic alignment, strong relationships, and seamless collaboration in a work-from-home setting.”

Goran Paun, Principal & Creative Director at ArtVersion

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