Chicago, IL (ArtVersion Creative Agency) – More companies are using visual storytelling to engage their audience, improve brand awareness, and create share-worthy content with great success. If you’re not taking the same steps with your business, right now is perfect to follow suit because parallax web design can really be the spark that ignites your content marketing success. Companies are seeing great results using it for product sales pages, visual storytelling and content marketing.

Parallax design is a new web design format that brings your story to life. It’s similar to a flipbook animation where separate pages come together to tell a story. As the user scrolls his mouse down through the page, it causes the images to come to life similar to how flipbook animations tell a story as you start flipping through it. Of course, parallax design offers far more meaningful and beautiful visuals than a flipbook animation sequence.

This design format is one of the best ways to tell a story on your website. It is a much more engaging way to use visual storytelling than static images. You may ask “what makes this better than using a video?” After all, the video can also be used to tell a story or present your products.

The secret to parallax design’s effectiveness is in how it is presented and accessed. The main thing that really makes it great for storytelling lies in its interactivity. The user has to actually scroll through the long pages to peel away at the story. The whole format creates curiosity and entices users to really get into the content. As a result, it is often more engaging than video as long as the introduction does the job of grabbing the attention of the user.

Parallax design is the perfect method for storytelling. It has been used in various ways from product presentations, company and brand pages, mission statements, comic books, and more. Some companies are using it as content to build links, generate traffic, and create leads. It is typically used in long pages as it makes use of the scrolling wheel on the mouse.

So if you are planning to use visual storytelling for your products, brand or company, you should strongly consider parallax design. Many companies are using this web design format because it’s resulting in an overwhelmingly positive response from users. It is an effective way to design a winning page and the fact that it’s a new web format makes it refreshing for users.

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