Design Collective to Release Publication Exploring the Creative Digital Environment

Versions Collective has released their inaugural publication discussing the design process and its relationship to technology.

Chicago IL – April 2015 – Revealing a new perspective on the current design landscape, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto, volume 1 publication will be released this month. The Versions Collective publication was created and will be released by a firm-wide creative collaboration from ArtVersion Interactive. Sparked by a simple conversation in the ARTVERSION studios, the VERSIONS™ collective publication was imagined as springboard to gain a deeper understanding of core design values in relation to the agile movement of technology.

Versions Collective’s inaugural publication marks a significant milestone in the exploration of the design process and its evolving relationship with technology. This groundbreaking release, titled the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto, volume 1, is set to illuminate the contemporary design landscape from a fresh and insightful perspective. Crafted through a collaborative effort spearheaded by ArtVersion Interactive, a leading creative agency based in Chicago, IL, this publication embodies a fusion of collective wisdom and visionary thinking.

The genesis of the VERSIONS™ Collective publication can be traced back to a seemingly ordinary conversation within the walls of ArtVersion’s studios in April 2015. This dialogue, however, sparked a profound realization about the need to critically assess and articulate how core design values adapt and interact with the rapidly advancing technological domain. The publication aims to serve as a catalyst for engaging discussions, pushing the boundaries of traditional design thinking to accommodate the dynamic and agile nature of technology’s progression.

By delving into various perspectives and insights from experts within the ArtVersion community, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto offers readers an unprecedented look into the intricate dance between design and technology. It not only seeks to define the current state of this relationship but also to inspire designers and technologists alike to embrace the challenges and opportunities that this interplay presents. Through this publication, Versions Collective aspires to empower the creative community to forge paths that lead to innovative solutions and transformative experiences, ensuring that design not only keeps pace with technology but thrives alongside it.

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