We place a strong emphasis on design research as a cornerstone of our creative process. Our approach ensures that the solutions we craft are not just visually striking, but also deeply rooted in understanding and effectiveness.

Research Capabilities

— Design Research
— Website Analyses
— Competitive Analysis
— Market Research
— UX Research
— User Research
— Focus Groups
— User Testing

— Brand Audit
— Design System Audit
— Customer Experience
— User Persona Development
— Content Analysis

— Usability Testing
— Accessibility
— SEO Analytics

User-Centered Research

Our research process is fundamentally user-centered. We believe that understanding the user is key to creating effective designs. Our team engages in thorough research to gain insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviors. This user-centric approach allows us to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and relevant to the end-user.
ArtVersion User-centered testing
User-centric design team collaborating around a table

Focus Groups and User Surveys

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our target audience, we employ methods like focus groups and user surveys. By actively listening to users and understanding their perspectives, we can tailor our designs to address their specific needs and challenges, creating solutions that truly resonate with them.

Usability and Accessibility

Our focus on usability and accessibility research means that our designs are inclusive, considerate, and crafted to provide an optimal experience for every user. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our designs are not only user-friendly but also accessible to all, regardless of ability.
User conducting UX design testing.

Other Capabilities

At ArtVersion, we encompass all facets of design, blending the traditional with the digital to redefine visual communication. As a creative agency, we specialize in UI/UX design, branding, web design, and graphic design.

We utilize the latest front-end and back-end development stack to ensure that interactive elements work seamlessly, providing users with an unforgettable digital journey.

At ArtVersion, we firmly believe that a well-crafted strategy is the foundation of any successful branding or design project. Our strategic services are rooted in comprehensive market research, insightful user analysis, and a keen awareness of the latest trends.

ArtVersion team presenting research and design findings.

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